We create online events in the desired form with the most convenient functionality.
We will help you convey information to the audience and talk about your achievements.
The Indeq team has already worked out dozens of scripts and templates that are suitable for you to organize the correct presentation of the material.
We undertake all tasks, and you can concentrate on the implementation of the goals of the company or brand.
An effective solution for online communication
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We use proven techniques for effective public speaking. We develop a clear script that ensures maximum listener engagement
We will package your event for visual persuasion. We will ensure easy readability of the material through the design.
Design and video production
We create clear and informative live broadcasts with webinars or training sessions. We ensure full compliance with the CME requirements.
Video broadcasts
We develop 2D and 3D platforms for your event. Check out the 2D platform template now.
Platform for events
Look at
We visualize complex mechanisms inside your products. Let your customers see your service, offer, or product in action.
Interactive 3D model
We are the operator of personal data, therefore we store and process information in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation. We provide statistics, reporting and analytics of the event.
Working with personal data
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