We tastefully shoot image videos and wrap projects in Digital packaging.
We do everything that a full-cycle agency should be able to do, but always a little more than you expect.
The virtual world in solving real problems
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Website development is one of the main directions of Indeq. We carry out programming of landing pages, shops, internet portals. We implement complex structures with flexible functionality and attractive design. We develop applications and help to promote them.
Websites and Apps
We develop platforms for online events in 2D and 3D. Check out the demo template for one of the platforms.
Platform for events
We will engage your consumer with gamification. We will pack complex training programs into interactive quests, games, digital comics, chat bots or animated texts. Modern gamification of education.
We will develop platforms for holding events in an innovative AR or VR environment. Let's keep the attention of visitors 100%.
We create complex designs at the intersection of art, technology and brand tasks with an unexpected "wow" effect.
Digital activation
We visualize complex mechanisms at work and beautiful animations for demonstration in virtual reality or 360 °. Show your product to your customers in every detail.
Interactive 3D model
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