Individual exhibition stands

Individual exhibition stands
Effective trade show specialized displays inform, educate and entertain. But first, displays need to grab your audience's attention and engage. When you need a one-on-one show that has a powerful effect, highlights your brand and showcases what you have to offer, you need Indeq.
Benefits of an individual exhibition stand
We create a creative space using computer technology for maximum efficiency.
We carefully design, build and install all created stands.
We use interactive design to increase the interest of visitors and buyers.
We use sustainable materials and have a large showcase of available finishes to closely match your brand style.
We will help you develop a budget in which every ruble will be used as efficiently as possible.
Our team of marketers can help you create pre-emails, promotions, giveaways, activities and social monitoring.
We are engaged in the development, design, manufacture and installation of full cycle stands. Our team thinks not only about a beautiful look, but also about reuse, recycling, storage. The purpose of your showroom presentation will be achieved.
We do much more than just design a stand. Our team of highly skilled designers not only considers form and function, we also consider the complete life cycle of a stand, from reuse to storage and reconfiguration, this ensures that our client reaches the maximum.
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