We design, create and maintain exhibition stands and halls for clients throughout Russia and the world.
Our achievements include many awards, high marks from guests and event organizers.
We increase the attention of your audience and help increase your profits at the exhibition.
Since 2009, we have been helping our clients build world-class exhibition stands and create unique events.
Today, we are one of the leading exhibition stand builders in Australia and have always remained true to our core beliefs: INNOVATION through PASSION. Our team has worked with clients large and small from all over the world, and with vast industry experience, we are passionate about creating world-class exhibition stands, events, and other projects.
For us, EXPO is customized solutions based on a wide range of products and large-scale thinking. An exhibition hall in Moscow or Chelyabinsk, a conference hall or an art platform, a hotel, or a demonstration area: we will make any space stylish and attractive.
We have our own production, equipped with all the necessary equipment for the implementation of even the most difficult tasks, on our own.
Your stand will be built by professionals, in strict accordance with the agreements, even before the start of the event. We will take on the rental of furniture, preparation of audio and video content for the stand. At the end of the event, we ourselves will disassemble the structure and dispose of it.
We will carefully work out every detail of the stand or the entire exhibition hall for you and provide support in case of force majeure or unforeseen situations.
We will help you scale from strategic stands to complex integrated exhibitions throughout Russia and the world.

The management team will take care of communication with the organizers and general developers of the exhibition halls, agree on the technical documentation for the development, and will also help with all current issues related to participation in the event.

Spectacular exhibition stands that inform, educate and entertain visitors are powerful advertising for your brand that will work with recognizable custom designs, interesting designs, and a clear fit with your style.
Individual exhibition stands

A budget solution for companies that want to show themselves in a short time and attract many visitors to the exhibition. Standard building is your choice of balance between economy and efficiency.
Typical exhibition stands

Maximum impression of each client and visitor from the original two-story stand. Two floors let you tell more about you, surprise and entertain visitors. Endless visual branding possibilities with professionally designed zones to showcase your merchandise at its best.
Two-storey exhibition stands

Our displays are suitable for in-store retail, national public use, individual use. We design a unique retail space that engages and excites your customers. Non-standard approach and creative design from trusted authors. Give your products and services a chance to express themselves to the maximum!
Retail and showroom

We develop kiosks and POS terminals not only for EXPO exhibitions or trade stands, but also on a permanent basis. We can create both temporary and semi-permanent options, depending on the goal and budget. Screen and digital printing is available to us to bring your ideas to life in world-class graphic design.
Kiosks and POS terminals
Indeq offers partners an ecological alternative for building stands inside showrooms. We use a modular framing system that can be reused, reconfigured and disposed of without harming the environment.
We are eco-friendly
After the event, each exhibition hall reserves kilograms and centners of waste that will never be used again. This is the weak point of the EXPO industry and many companies underestimate the environmental damage.

Dumped exhibition stands and design leftovers are what exhibitors should avoid. You can dispose of your waste on your own or by the organizers, who often overcharge and provide containers over $ 2,000.

This increases costs for exhibitors in exhibition halls and does not solve waste problems.

Indeq is leading the way in providing customers with an environmentally friendly alternative construction. The modular design allows not only to reduce the harmful impact on the environment, but also to reuse bench elements. The Aluvision system reduces waste and makes modular framing recognized as a key solution for all exhibition stands on the market.
A framing system is used;
Reception counters and flooring are available for rent;
Almost any electronics can be embedded, including LED screens;
ACP panels are easy to recycle or reuse
Reusable use
  • Low voltage LEDs are used;
  • LED technology can be rented;
  • Completely ecological printing solutions.
  • Modern lighting technologies that make it easy to change the required elements or change their color;
  • Special flat packing allows transporting a large volume of materials at once;
  • Simple and time-consuming assembly.
  • Used innovative Aluvision;
  • The ability to configure modules for any task;
  • You can build several venues at once;
Modular system
  • Digital screens instead of printing;
  • Rethinking activities on the site;
  • Self-promotion through environmentally friendly stands.
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